Amy Jones on Dying Young, Asshats, and Expensive Cowlicks

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Jones, whose story “Die Young” is published in The Malahat Review‘s Spring 2014 issue, #186. It’s the story of how three twenty-something friends and a sister deal with the death of their friend/brother.

What was the inspiration for “Die Young”? Did you set out to explore death and quarter-life malaise or was it spawned by an image or something else?

Amy Jones

Amy Jones

I had gone to a couple of funerals in a row and was thinking a lot about death and funerals and you know, the whole pointlessness of everything and just generally being weird and moody and wanting to write about it. A lot of my stories start like that: with me wanting to process something that I’ve experienced or that I’ve been obsessing over, and using that kind of as a jumping-off point for something fictional. I feel like if I can transform something, make it happen to other characters in a different setting or in a different way or whatever, that it helps me understand it better.

(I realize I just said “other characters” as if I am a character, too, which I suppose is entirely possible and if I think about it too much I’m going to fall into some kind of “Stranger Than Fiction” black hole and make myself insane.)

Read the rest of the interview on The Malahat Review‘s website here.



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