Three Stories in Coming Attractions 16

IMG_0185I have been waiting for this day for about four months. This morning, a man rang my doorbell holding a box containing five copies of Coming Attractions 16!! Three of the chapters from my novel-in-progress–“Angling,” “Poseurs,” and “Room & Board”–have been published in this book. They originally appeared in filling Station, Numero Cinq, and Prairie Fire respectively but have been since edited, or Lorna-Jackson-ified during my MFA. I’m very excited to be included in this book, especially because I think it is the last time Oberon Press will publish Coming Attractions, and excited to read the work of Charlie Fiset and Rod Moody-Corbett, who share these pages with me.


Review of Douglas Glover’s Savage Love

Savage Love cover I first read from Douglas Glover’s Savage Love in 2008 in CNQ‘s Salon des Refusees, which was published along with a similar issue of TNQ in response to the Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories – or what was lacking from it – edited by Jane Urquhart. An excerpt from the title story was published in CNQ (and you can still find it on Geist‘s site) and I loved it so much I scoured the internet to find out in what book of Glover’s this story was published. It wasn’t until last summer that I realized the book wasn’t out yet. But … now it is. 

I reviewed Douglas Glover’s latest book of short fiction, Savage Love, for Coastal Spectator. I think everyone – especially everyone who writes – should read this book. You can read my review here. You can read more about Savage Love (the book) here.